Eagle Composite Dental Resin Fillings

You want the very best Eagle composite dental fillings – ones that will improve your oral and overall health, and make you proud of your smile at the same time. To get your new fillings, come to the office of Dr. Roger Miller, DDS. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, as it has been for the past four decades. You can trust us to put you first and give you the gorgeous smile you’re seeking.


Why Resin Fillings?

Resin fillings in Eagle MI are often the first step toward treating minor tooth decay, before a cap would be needed. The fillings can patch teeth and fill in this minor damage to keep it from spreading. This means that Eagle composite dental fillings may help you avoid more drastic and expensive treatment in the future.

Another reason to choose resin fillings in Eagle MI is that they match the appearance of your natural teeth. We use a specialized light to harden them, and other processes to shape and polish them, so that you’ll hardly notice they’re there. They retain that healthy white glow, ensuring your smile is stunning.


Other Services

In addition to fillings, we offer a full range of services to help with your dental health. These could include tooth extractions, Eagle crowns and bridges, and much more. We perform periodic cleanings that can help prevent issues from forming in the first place. We take x-rays and always strive to understand exactly what your overall health picture looks like. For anything you need now or in the future, Dr. Roger Miller in Portland, MI is here to help.


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We focus on customer service, and we have a pair of People’s Choice awards to prove it. If you’d like to talk to our friendly staff or schedule an appointment for Eagle composite dental fillings, please call today.