Grand Ledge Dental Mouth Guard

Many adults grind their teeth at night which can wear away at the enamel and cause damage to dental work.  Dr. Roger Miller, DDS in Portland, MI can provide you with a Grand Ledge dental mouth guard which can prevent the damage caused by teeth grinding.

Our dental mouth guards in Grand Ledge MI are carefully crafted based on molds of your teeth. They fit perfectly and comfortably over your teeth to prevent them from being damaged from grinding.


Why Choose Roger Miller, DDS, for Your Grand Ledge Dental Occlusal Guard?

Dr. Miller has been practicing dentistry for nearly four decades. He’s a member of the Michigan Dental Association and the American Dental Association. He also won the People’s Choice Award in both 2015 and 2016 as the area’s favorite dentist.  From regular checkups and cleanings, to teeth whitening procedures, extractions and more, our focus is on the overall dental health of our patients.


Multiple Payment and Insurance Options

We accept a number of major insurance providers. We work with insurers to get the maximum coverage possible for all of our services. We also accept CareCredit.

We also accept most major credit cards for our Grand Ledge dental mouth guards and other services. Our prices are fair and competitive.


Call Us Today to Schedule an Appointment

If you think that you may have a teeth grinding problem, give us a call about getting a Grand Ledge dental mouth guard. Our friendly staff will be happy to schedule an appointment for a check-up, cleaning and review of any dental issues you may be having. We’d like to be your full-service dental office, located near Grand Ledge in Portland, MI.