Westphalia Composite Dental Resin Fillings

Your dental health is important. What once was thought to be nothing more than a fix for pain, or to make your smile look better, is now understood to keep your overall well-being optimal. Dental decay can cause serious health issues if not treated properly. At Dr. Roger Miller, DDS, our professional staff is ready to provide the dental services you and your family need, in a comfortable environment and at a competitive price. From cleanings and other preventive care, to Westphalia composite dental fillings, to many types of cosmetic dentistry, the office of Dr. Roger Miller, DDS can handle all of your dental needs.


Resin Fillings in Westphalia MI

If you or your child has a cavity that needs to be filled, Dr. Roger Miller has years of experience in providing patients with exceptional, comprehensive dental care. We offer many types of fillings, including:

  • Amalgam
  • Composite
  • Porcelain
  • Resin

Westphalia composite dental fillings are durable and can be shaded to the color of your tooth. It is terrific for small fillings, but may not last as long as some other options. Dr. Miller will determine which filling type will best suit your needs.


Westphalia Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are used to cover or “cap” a damaged tooth or dental implants, to help strengthen the tooth, improve its appearance and provide structure for function. If you’re missing a tooth or will have some removed, you may need a bridge, which will help close the gap that is created by one or more missing teeth. Porcelain or ceramic crowns and bridges can be matched to the color of your teeth, making your smile more natural.


Get in Touch Today

If you’re ready to have a missing tooth replaced or need Westphalia composite dental fillings to have a cavity fixed, call Dr. Roger Miller, DDS, located in downtown Portland. We’ll be happy to discuss your dental options and provide you with a smile you’ll be glad to show off.