Westphalia Dental Implant Restoration

Get your Westphalia dental implant restoration with the area’s favorite dentist, Portland’s Dr. Roger Miller, DDS, who received the People’s Choice award in 2015 and 2016 for local dentistry. If you are considering Westphalia dental extractions or dental implants as a permanent solution to create that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, you’ve found the right place.


Types of Dental Implant Restoration in Westphalia MI

At the office of Dr. Roger Miller, DDS, each patient is treated as an individual. We listen to your concerns, provide you with a full examination and create a personalized plan for treatment. We offer this and more:

  • Single Tooth Repair and Replacement – In the case you’ve lost a tooth in an accident or due to a genetic or dental disease, one implant will fill that gap and make your smile shine like new.
  • Dentures Supported by Implants – To avoid the issues of dentures slipping, sliding or coming out, we can anchor them to implants. The anchored implants are fused to the bone offering a more permanent alternative to typical dentures.
  • Convenient Payment Plans – These procedures and many more can be paid for using CareCredit, as well as a number of other standard payment and insurance options.


Get in Touch with Us Regarding Westphalia Dental Implant Restoration

We are pleased to offer our patients Westphalia dental implant restoration options to best suit your needs in nearby Portland location.  If you have any concerns about Westphalia dental extractions or implanting procedures, we are happy to talk to you about it in person. Don’t hesitate to call and schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Roger Miller today.